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Sassy Hair and Beauty in Main Road, Walmer, specialises in creating beauty and enhancing natural beauty by focusing on each individual clients needs when it comes to their hair or nails. After hearing only awesome raves about them, and then being gifted a voucher – I decided to finally bite the bullet after a long hiatus from hair salons…

7 years 7 months. That is how long since I have stepped foot into a hair salon. I am not sure if it was my hatred of sitting in the chair for hours on end whilst someone pulls and tugs at my hair or the memory of horrid hard basins that break the neck while trying to enjoy the head massage during rinsing.

Whether it was lockdown that gave me further excuse NOT to professionally maintain my hair or the fact store bought products are a fraction of the cost – cheaper for a reason I learnt and the hard way.

No matter the reason, 7 years and 7 months was how long it has been.

In those 7.7 years I have had my hair fall out creating bald spots, finally grow back only to break to the point after self dying that I wanted to shave it in desperation – Picture Joe Exotic mixed with Joe Dirt and you will see why GI Jane was going to be my next drastic go to – jokes are welcome – I promise not to pull a Will Smith slap on you.

Kitchen scissors were my go to for a trim – not that my hair actually really grew – like EVER.

Hair bands and a pathetic excuse of a top bun became a constant fixture on my head trying to hide the damage I had caused, accompanied by just an overall sense of despair at HOW to fix this mess I had made.

Yes, I am every hairdressers nightmare I know. The half bleached, half regrown, broken, damaged, thin and lifeless hair was what I was sitting with. The pictures are an embarrassment even for me in my state of denial at how bad my hair actually had become.

Receiving a voucher to have my hair done was a blessing but also a cause for anxiety – I had not allowed a hairdresser to see my hair, let alone try salvage it in so long, I was determined to gift the voucher to someone else just to avoid the whole situation.

After some convincing, trying to use load shedding as an excuse not to go and a lot of back and forth with my internal dialect, I walked into Sassy Hair and Beauty in Prospect Road Walmer, ready to just get it over with. Walking out a little over two hours later, my mindset has changed drastically.

Not only are you greeted by the friendly staff and owner Iggy, trying to make you feel right at home with their warmth and friendliness from the second you enter the doors, but you are also treated with respect.

No ridicule from the professional stylist, Alison, who has over 32 years experience under her belt, at how bad my hair actually was. No judgment or chastising over the damage I had caused. I was prepared for the worst and instead was met with helpful, open and transparent ideas at how we as a client / stylist team were going to fix it.

45 minutes – that is how long the amazing hair magician Alison took to do a full head of foils.

She works effortlessly and swiftly, which alleviated my first area of anxiety – far off from the 2 hours I had been expecting. While waiting for the foils to lift, I was presented with a chilled glass of sparkling Rose to sip on and then was taken on a tour of the rest of the salon. A one stop beauty shop is my only way to describe it.

The salon boasts a full offering from nails, waxing, microblading and tancan as well as a massive range of all the recommended products to use, which you can purchase directly from Sassy for continued home care. 

This was followed by 15 minutes at the basin with the lovely assistant Babsi, who did a treatment and an amazing head massage. All whilst I sat like a real sassy babe, neck cushioned comfortably, legs up on an ottoman and a red fleece blanket draped over me for that extra bit of warmth and comfort. My second area of anxiety over the hard basin on my neck was replaced with pure relaxation and a sense of contentment.

Alison then introduced me to Glazing – an improved art of toning the hair whilst also  treating, moisturising and healing the hair from root to tip.

Another 15 minutes later and Babsi and I were back at the basin for my second head massage and rinse, followed by an expert trim, fringe cut  and blowdry by my new favourite hair guru Alison.

45 Minutes to do foils, 30-40 minutes setting time, 10 minutes rinsing time and 15 minutes to trim and style and I was ready to face the world with a new head of hair.

Sassy are more than just a salon – they have a sense of family and togetherness when you are in their midst which they welcome you into effortlessly and it shows. They also offer wine tasting on a Friday and Saturday for clients, specials on their menu for all celebratory occasions and holidays as well offering mobile services for out of town clients by request.

They are fully operational during loadshedding with generators, water tanks are linked to the taps, enabling heated water even during drought season and gorgeous oil painted artwork adorns the walls – available to purchase – all painted by the talented Alison herself.

They also offer kids haircuts, which we know can be daunting for parents and kids alike, however anxiety is met with playful staff, specially decorated gowns and towels and nurturing professionalism.

Thank you Sassy for having me be part of your family today, to Alison for making me feel so at ease in your capable hands and Babsi for your wonderful head massage  – I will definitely be coming back.

Products and Treatments used on my hair are as follows:

  • Full Foils
  • Olaplex in Colour (Natural Blonde) 
  • Glaze Treatment (Toner) 
  • Semi Permanent Conditioning Colour (adds shine, corrects colour AND is ammonia free) 
  • Great environment and staff 
  • and the results – Priceless

If you are looking for a fabulous hair experience visit Sassy Hair and Beauty today! You can find their information on their website or visit their Facebook page!


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