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Windsor Forest Products Jungle Gym

Jungle Gyms have so many incredible benefits for development in children. Windsor Forest Products does not only only supply these amazing play structures, but is also Port Elizabeth’s most comprehensive supplier of outdoor timber products – with 25 years of experience.

Starting out as a small sawmill in Katberg, the owners and their dynamic team, have an intimate knowledge of timber. They know just about everything from how it’s grown, harvested, treated, milled and manufactured.

The Windsor Forest Products team is exceptionally knowledgeable…

The Windsor Forest Products team have a significant understanding of the processes that the materials undergo – from the forest to the final form.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Lyn and Mark Krebser, the owners of Windsor Forest Products, to discuss taking their incredible product range online and growing their already well established brand even further. 

While we chatted over coffee, Lyn mentioned that her and Marks real passion lies in creating an ideal space with the warmth of timber.

They take real pleasure in helping their clients to reimagine their outdoor living spaces with beautifully crafted timber – custom made to suit their home perfectly. Creating a space that their clients will love and enjoy for years to come.

Windsor’s product range covers jungle gyms and children’s play structures, assorted timber fences, decks, pergolas and benches. They are also able to create customized products based on your specifications and the available space.

The importance of Jungle Gyms for kids’ fundamental learning abilities…

Whether you would like to have a deck built to expand your outdoor living space, or you require fencing to improve the privacy of your yard, Windsor Forest Products is able to offer professional advice that suits your requirements and budget.

Something that really interested me during our time together was the actual importance of Jungle Gyms for kids’ fundamental learning abilities.

Children who regularly play on Jungle Gyms are developing and learning to use their large muscle groups. They develop an understanding of what their muscles are capable of, how to manoeuvre their bodies, coordinate their movements smoothly, and of course, are learning to balance effectively.

This topic was really something that I had never even thought about, until we specifically touched on it. I am sure most of you have witnessed the minute a young child spots a Jungle Gym. The most anticipated response is a frantic dash in the direction of the Jungle Gym to play, swing, climb, slide, hang and generally experience the sheer joy of simple play.

The great thing about Jungle Gyms is that this appeal does not lessen across a large age span, children from the age of 1 to 10 all seem to equally love the thrill of playing on a Jungle Gym. 

In addition to a child’s great love for this simple piece of playground equipment are the many health benefits associated with it. Muscle tone, coordination, balance and confidence, developmental play, learning to share and the use of the imagination to name a few.

Occupational Therapists have also recognised Jungle Gyms as the best form of developmental play structures for young children. This form of free play as they call it, encourages children to imagine scenarios in which they are part of on their Jungle Gym – like a pirate ship on the stormy seas, a princess castle or an army boot camp.

Children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to produce their own form of fun. From these skills comes effective expression. Playing on a Jungle Gym alone is all fine and well but it is even better to play with a friend or family member.

Over and above, playing with your child outside on the Jungle Gym is also a really great way to bond, teach, spend quality time together. It gets you active too, you all get some much needed fresh air and believe me, your kids will remember and appreciate that you took the time to play with them outside. 

A must know is that all Windsor Forest Products’ materials are ethically sourced. All the timber that they use is approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

The FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization, established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. The Council monitors plantations and sawmills to ensure that all timber is sustainably and ethically harvested and sawn.

At Windsor Forest Products, they take exceptional care of every part of the process – from enquiry to manufacture and installation. The Windsor Forest Products Installation teams can be found around the Eastern Cape building bespoke Jungle Gyms, installing a deck to add value to your home or erecting a fence to increase privacy levels.

Their admin team will be able to advise you on the best Jungle Gym for your child’s development and your budget. They also assist with choosing the right fencing and decking for your home, school or offices.

Windsor Forest Products has taken great pride in caring for their loyal clients in the Eastern Cape since 1995 by always providing professional installation.

For more information you can contact 041 367 1422 or email

Windsor Forest Products are located at 43 Circular Drive, Overbaakens, Port Elizabeth. Have a look at their website or follow them on Facebook for updates and info!

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