Forever Family Homes – a quest for happily ever afters…

Forever Family Homes

Forever Family Homes is a story of hope and inspiration, we would like to #showlove to this incredible initiative. Here’s their story…

By Elmarie Brynard

A little more than 15 years ago, I started doing emergency safe care for babies in crisis. Little did I know the magnitude of the journey I was embarking on….

A loving family environment…

My passion was for each baby to be welcomed into the world with love, joy and provision. Because of so many overwhelming social issues, this is not always possible, and I wanted to be a mom to that baby that might not have one when they need her most.

I only took one baby at a time – determined to give them what my own precious babies got after birth – one on one love and total commitment.

The beginning years were fairly easy, as ‘my’ babies all found happy endings, either reunification with family or forever adoptive families. Eventually, though, I discovered the underbelly of this world, where babies ended up in babies homes, having multiple caregivers when at their most vulnerable – and even aging out of these homes only to be passed on to other institutions.

I realised we were raising a generation of crisis children that will never know the love and security of real family and how that perpetuates the social problems that give rise to the situations in the first place.

That realisation catapulted me into the next stage – creating forever homes for children that might otherwise never find one. I ended up fostering and adopting 6 children and connected with families willing to do the same. We commit to these children for life.

They don’t age out of our homes…

We currently have 35 children between our homes and are totally reliant on businesses and individuals to help us raise these children in as normal a family environment as possible.

We want to create homes where they are proud to bring their friends to, we strive to give them the best quality educations we can access according to their individual needs, we try and take them on trips and create family traditions unique to each family.

We see miracles happen. We see babies with dismal prognoses thrive and develop. We see learning difficulties being overcome. We see lives and destinies and generations changed before our very eyes.

The cost is high. We have all invested all our personal resources into these lives. We battle with the system that is supposed to protect these children and do what is best for them.

We struggle with substandard medical care and no access to special needs educations. Our homes are overcrowded and our vehicles hopelessly inadequate. We don’t get leave or downtime or the option to resign – our commitment is that strong. These are our children.

We currently have homes in Walmer, Walmer Township, Bethelsdorp, Swartkops and Uitenhage.

We don’t use volunteers to ‘play with out babies’, but need all the help we can get in terms of professional services, construction materials, furnishings, scholarships and other resources that will help make our children game changers.

We pour out the love and care and security. Please consider coming alongside us in any way you can?

We are awaiting our PBO number. You can find our Facebook page at

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