Get your nails done in the comfort of your own home or office, with Nailed It

There is something about having your nails and toes professionally done that makes you feel like you just possibly may have your life together and that all your ducks are in fact in a row. For me personally, having my nails done professionally makes me feel more sophisticated, more polished and it definitely gives my confidence a huge boost!

I am sure there are many of you who would agree. With my busy work schedule, I don’t always find the time to treat and pamper myself. Most of the time I only manage to get to a salon once in a blue moon and lately my weekends ended up to be back to back and jam packed – I just can’t seem to find the time for a good pamper.

Convenience – the Nail Tech comes to you!

Now this is where Nailed It – Mobile Nails made my life easier. Nailed It, brings the nail salon to you! How convenient, having your nails done in the comfort of your own home, hotel, B&B or even your office.

Checking my diary for gaps in my schedule, I booked my appointment with Claudette Erasmus, owner of Nailed It, a qualified nail technician based in Port Elizabeth. The concept and idea behind her business model is not only ensuring your hands and toes are always on fleek but by making your life so much more easier by coming to you.

Claudette specializes in perfecting gel nails and toes giving her clients that polished look that is sought after by most women.

We can not deny that it is extremely satisfying and enjoyable to have your nails done, but there are actually some really good reasons as to why this should be more than just the occasional luxury experience…

Firstly it helps to relax and de-stress…

My all time favourite is the de-stress factor. It is incredibly relaxing and this is also a great way to set aside some quality time for yourself. The experience provides plenty of opportunity to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to sit back and relax. 

On the day of my appointment, Claudette arrived at my house as scheduled, over a quick cup of java we discussed exactly what I would like to have done. Undecided on my colour choice, Claudette offered her advise on what she thought would look great with my skin tone – she definitely knows her stuff!

We opted for a natural cream gel for both feet and hands. Claudette set up at my kitchen counter and we settled in for my pamper session. It was pure bliss as I instantly started to unwind and relax over our friendly banter and giggles.

Claudette is an absolute professional

Claudette is an absolute professional from start to finish – she is very knowledgable, friendly and her work is pure perfection. I personally recommend her to all those ladies out there seeking a more convenient option when it comes to having their nails and toes done.

Time spent in her company is always thoroughly enjoyable. Needless to say my hands and feet look absolutely amazing. I am ready to take on life fabulously!

For more information on Nailed It – Mobile Nail Technician – follow them on Facebook.

Or you can send Claudette a message on 079 515 8095 or email

What are you waiting for? You have no more excuses to get your nails done!

Photo by Asiya Kiev on Unsplash

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