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As we head into 2023 it is almost impossible to grasp that it was almost 3 years ago that the world went into a global lockdown with the Corona pandemic. 

Suddenly it didn’t matter if you were rich, poor, whether you owned a multimillion rand franchise or a small spaza shop in your neighbourhood. Everyone was affected in some way, regardless of race, gender or age. 

We saw businesses we had loved and supported for years close down, families go through severe changes with one or both parents being retrenched and companies that had taken decades to build from the ground up, hit rock bottom in a matter of months. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures and being limited with face to face interactions, online presence suddenly became the main way to communicate and keep in touch with loved ones. 

Suddenly people who had no interest in social media platforms prior to the pandemic were joining Facebook, posting on Instagram,  joining in on TikTok challenges and online shopping became the preferred method of purchasing. 

The ban on products such as cigarettes and liquor in South Africa turned every second person into some kind of marketing guru, everyone knew a guy who knew a guy and of course the memes of homemade brews exploding or funny mask mishaps also went viral on platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Twitter exploded with retweets as new vaccines were rolled out and new strains were discovered and statistics were reported on a global basis. 

Fact is social media became the easiest and often only way to communicate with others. If you didn’t have social media you were truly cut out from the rest of the world. 

The increase in online businesses also was prevalent and a lot of those who had found themselves unemployed started their own small businesses. 

Of course with anything in life, an increase in volume means increase in competition. More and more offerings of the same product by different entities. Some may even say certain markets became saturated and the need to stand out became more prevalent than ever.

For the past 9 months we have slowly evolved back into a sense of normality, businesses have managed to trade in full capacity again and industries have started to recover. 

However, the new businesses that started during lockdown are still around. 

The ideal behind remote work and owning your own business has increased its appeal and truth is we all have access to the same extensive marketing platforms through app downloads. 

So it is the style of marketing you have, the creative team you have and using this team’s intense knowledge of marketing hacks, understanding of algorithms and other tricks of the trade, which will truly make your business different and unique. 

Marketing your brand and having a continuous online presence and visibility has never been more crucial. 

Love My Bay understands this and therefore each and every client’s marketing needs and desired results are considered whilst we work on a strategy to best grow your brand. 

We believe in increasing traffic quotas on social media platforms, but we also offer specialised and personalised marketing outlets that not everyone has access to. 

Apart from website design, branding and social media management, Love My Bay offers professional adverts that are shared across a multitude of networks including our personal website and professional pages. 

We write and publish articles and do interviews to introduce your company to the public, allow you to choose what you want showcased and ensure the article remains in circulation indefinitely.  

We specialise in all marketing aspects from content writing, SEO, advert content and design, logos and so much more.

“Love My Bay” stands behind its name. We love our bay and nothing is more important to us than to see our local businesses thrive and exceed even their own expectations at success.

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