Interview with Ali Ncume

Ali Ncume

LMB: I see you completed your Masters in Labour Law. I know once LLB students complete their articles they then choose their preferred areas of practice. What made you decide on Labour Relations?

AN: I was blessed to be taken under the wing of Professor Adriaan van der Walt while still studying my degree, which exposed me to a lot of Labour Relations / Labour Law. When the time came to choose which field I wanted to do my masters in, this was the most appealing field as both my mentors, Professor Adriaan van der Walt and Advocate Luvuyo Bono have made successes in this field and inspired me to pursue the same success.

LMB: Starting your business in 2019 must have been daunting with the lockdown that affected us from 2020 till recently. Did this period affect your business at all – positively or negatively?

AN: Luckily for me I was still employed by NMU as a lecturer during the start of my business, however when I resigned to focus on it full time, I did face some challenges. Being new to the PE business world as a graduate / business owner, meant having to start from scratch. I am not well known in the area as yet, but am pleased to say we have since started to increase our client base and relationships and are definitely growing.

LMB: We absolutely love your ” Send a Kid to School” program – please tell us more about it.

AN: Coming from what we would call a priviledged childhood from a previously disadvantaged one, has made me passionate about investing in the youth of today. I was blessed to attend Grey as well as graduate with a masters degree because of the fact I had access to certain things many kids do not have.

Simple things such as stationery, uniforms and basic provision of sanitary products makes a huge difference in educating our future leaders and I have made it a focus of mine to give back to the community through this program. We look forward to focusing on a lot more exposure to getting the public involved and assisting with educating as many children as we can – starting with Port Elizabeth and hopefully growing to other regions. They hold all of our future’s in their hands and working together we can make a difference.

LMB: Your online webinars offer practical advice and exposure to valuable skill sets that people usually would have to study towards. Can you elaborate on what people can expect to walk away with after attending?

AN: We offer a wide range of courses and online content that aim to educate anyone dealing with employee relations. From supervisors, to managers, to updating / refreshing HR departments on any changes – we offer it all. Webinars are the easiest way to access a large client base in the comfort of their own offices or homes, but we do also offer face to face training, conferences etc

LMB: How do the paid seminars vary in terms of content as opposed to the free seminar you will be conducting on the 2nd of August.

AN: There is no difference in the content – the free seminar is our way of giving to those who cannot afford the paid for seminars, but will gain value from this important knowledge. We also would recommend department heads, attend the free seminar to see if it is a fit for their divisions, whereafter they can then schedule us to host a paid seminar with their team.

LMB: In your opinion, do you think Labour relations and Labour law has changed much in the last decade? Where do you hope to see some changes happening?

AN: Labour law is always evolving. In the next decade, we are likely going to see a lot of developments in workplace policies i.e leave policies creating clarity on how leave will be managed due to the enhancement of working remotely.

LMB: You have a Level 1 BBE score which we know is so beneficial for other businesses’ BBE status if using your services… Is your company open to tenders for in house labour relation management? Or do you prefer the one on one approach?

AN: We are definitely open to tenders but are also available for one on one counsel and representation.

LMB: Your offices are based in Richmond Hill – do you offer any mobile / telephonic / video services to clients who may not be able to travel due to disability etc?

AN: Yes, we are based in Richmond Hill, but we live in a time where technology has made it possible for us to engage via various platforms – this enables anyone and everyone to make use of our services. Whether it be telephonic, via a video call, in person or even via email we are able to assist.

LMB: You are affiliated with the CCMA – can you tell us more about your experience in this regard.

AN: I am a part time CCMA Commissioner. Therefore, I conciliate and arbitrate disputes which are referred to CCMA. I have been working for the CCMA since 2018.

LMB: What is your vision for your company in the next 5 years?

Being the best labour law consulting company. Therefore, each day as a company we are taking steps towards the realization of this vision.

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