Let Carley Studios bring out the goddess in you

Carley Studios - Woman with beautiful hair

Carley Studios, a slimming, wellness and beauty salon in Port Elizabeth knows just how to bring out the goddess in you!

Why does getting your hair done make you feel like an absolute goddess?

After a fresh colour, cut and blow dry – I literally could take on the world and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way when they step out of the salon! 

A new fresh colour, cut or style seems to redefine me as an individual — the whole new look, new chapter, new me kicks in. A total mind reset and honey I feel more fabulous each time!

Why is that?

The right style, colour, trim or cut can make us appear years younger. 

We can even go as far as saying it can give the impression of certain personality traits, such as creativity or rebelliousness, or lend an air professionalism or capability. Just think about the different hair styles and what they portray to you when you see them or think of them. 

Some may be edgy, fierce, subtle or a complete transformation.

We all know that a change is as good as a holiday. And what a holiday! From yourself. If not why not. Having awesome hair can give us the illusion of control and make us feel ready to take on almost anything. 

And hair, for some is a much easier thing to control than other factors of our appearance. In fact, a put-together appearance is like armour. 

OK, having fabulous hair won’t make us bullet proof but it will make us feel like we’re bulletproof and that’s what counts. Your new hairdo may well be your new tool, and your new best friend to project the confidence you don’t necessarily always feel.

Luckily for me, I have an amazing stylist who keeps my mane perfectly maintained and healthy. Shemone my stylist, is based at Carley Studios, a slimming, wellness and beauty salon in Port Elizabeth, however, the are far more than your every day beauty salon. 

The incredible team at Carley Studios strongly believes that it’s vital for everyone to feel beautiful and confident in who they are because feeling good looks good. 

Therefore, they have harmoniously brought together Slimming, Beauty and Wellness treatments which when combined produce successful results.

Their classically chic salon offers a tranquil experience and a space where you can completely relax. The ambiance is set to nurture the spirit and relax the mind. They offer a range of spa treatments – from essential beauty treatments, to specialized skin treatments as well as advanced slimming solutions over and above the hair salon side. 

From me to you, a slamming hot hairstyle is the final finishing touch to a well put together you. Reach out to Carley Studios on 0413672860 | info@carleystudios.co.za or find out more about them online or like / follow on their socials, Facebook or Instagram for updates.

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