Love My Bay chats to Bay Boss Babe Megan Coetzee about Meg Enterprise

Megan Coetzee Meg Enterprise

We recently had a chat with ‘Bay Boss Babe’ – Megan Coetzee about her local business – Meg Enterprise – and her passion for the branding industry.

Love My Bay is all about supporting local, making a difference where it matters and helping businesses grow. We also love to give recognition to those who deserve it. 

Meg Enterprise is an established and growing local bay business, which offers the following services:

  • Corporate Branding 
  • Corporate Clothing 
  • Corporate & Personalized Gifting 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Embroidery, Screen Printing & Heat Transfer
  • Headwear 
  • Signage 

We chatted to Megan Coetzee, Owner and Boss Babe of Meg Enterprise a few questions, here is what she had to say.

LMB: What is the one thing that kept you sane during hard lockdown?

Megan: “Quality time with family, home workouts and the odd glass of wine.”

LMB: How did you adapt your business to the current economic situation?

Megan: “I was exceptionally lucky that my clients continued to support me throughout the pandemic. I will forever be grateful for each and every one of them during that time. As an individual and a business owner I had to adapt to the needs of the pandemic market and cater for my clients individual needs.”

LMB: Tell us a little more about Meg Enterprise?

Megan: “Meg Enterprise was started in 2019 after a once in a lifetime opportunity arose. Gary Martin, a very valued business partner paved the way for my dream to become a reality. With a drive and passion to sell as well as maintain a high level of client satisfaction, Meg Enterprise is where it is today. Three years later and going strong.”

LMB: Who keeps you inspired and motivated?

Megan: “Definitely my parents. They have kept me pushing forward no matter what is thrown at me and continue to encourage me to follow my dreams.”

LMB: Your favorite movie as a child?

Megan: “Coyote Ugly.”

LMB: What is your go to place in The Bay? To unwind and recharge?

Megan: “The beach for sure. We have so many beautiful beaches to appreciate in the Eastern Cape. Walking my dog (he loves it too), unwinding with a glass of wine while watching over some of The Bays magnificent sunsets.”

LMB. What did you always want to be growing up?

Megan: “A vet. I have always grown up around animals which have made me an absolute animal lover.”

LMB. What advice would you give to local entrepreneurs looking to pursue a new business venture in The Bay?

Megan: “Never doubt yourself. Focus on the work at hand. Develop your own clear plan and work from that. Have confidence selling your product and offering the very best aftersales service possible.”

LMB. Your get up and go soundtrack?

Megan: “I am a sucker for old and new school rap music. The song that gets me pumped is Pop Smoke Invincible.”

LMB. What does Meg Enterprise have in store for The Bay for 2022?

Megan: “I would like to expand my footprint over the Eastern Cape market and grow my business substantially in various avenues. On an exciting note, Meg Enterprise and Love My Bay are teaming up to offer clients even more. We are looking to cover all aspects of traditional and digital marketing under one umbrella.”

Reach out to Meg on 071 685 5356 or on and “Let’s Brand YOU” 

Also follow Meg Enterprise on Instagram or Facebook.

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