Love my Bay chats to Lorna and Rikus Romer from Scope Oils – Oil Recycling and more

Love My Bay chatted to Lorna and Rikus Romer from Scope Oils, which offers Oil Recycling, Oil Exports and much more. What a dynamic and passionate couple.

Scope Oils was originally founded by John Williamson as a small used cooking oil collections company in Port Elizabeth in 2009. It swiftly grew to become national and then international.

Jointly managed by John Williamson and Rikus Romer, who have a combined 38 years experience within the oil industry, Scope Oils now collects used cooking oil nationally throughout South Africa, as well as some neighbouring countries.

The cleaning of grease traps complements our collection of used cooking oil. Scope Oils also specialises in the removal of expired or damaged food products such as margarine, butter, new oil etc and wastes and residues from processing vegetable and animal oil, such as high FFA oils and free fatty acids to name a few.

LMB: Tell us, why do you like it dirty?

L&R: In order for us to make it clean, it has to be dirty!  Therein lies the change.

LMB: What would you say makes your business an entity you are proud of?

L&R: We are hands-on and always put our client’s first. We have an amazing team that is dedicated and driven and we REALLY ARE making the world a better place!

LMB: Who is the funniest staff member on the team and why?

L&R: Connie – because he is a character and he is so dry and never speaks but when he does, we laugh for days with is one liners!

LMB: How long has Scope Oils been in business for?

L&R: 13 year and counting!

LMB: What services do you offer?

L&R: The collection of used cooking oil from restaurants, shops, takeaways and anyone who has waste oil to sell.  We also supply, clean and maintain grease traps and do water tank cleaning for some stores like KFC’s.

LMB: Where do you see Scope Oils in the near future?

L&R: Everywhere!

LMB: What makes you different?

L&R: We offer a VERY PERSONAL SERVICE and deliver on our promises and we most importantly for our client, we ensure they always get the best market-related price for their oil.

LMB: Lorna, what inspires you?

Lorna: Positive change and contributing to a better life for all and a sustainable future for our children on our beautiful planet. I also love the closeness of working with our Scope Oils family and watching the company and all of our valuable staff members grow from strength to strength. “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

LMB: Rikus, what is your get up and go song?

Rikus: LEVITATING – Dua Lipa

LMB. What is the best advice you have received in business?

L&R: If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life and you will be successful!

LMB. To other entrepreneurs, what would you say as a motivation to them to take the leap of faith?

L&R: Our greatest weakness lies in giving up before we even begin. 97% of the people who quit too soon or never even try are employed by the 3% who never gave up and followed their dreams.

LMB. Tell us the best joke of all time?

L&R: If palm oil comes from palms, and coconut oil comes from coconuts – where does baby oil come from? 😉

We absolutely love this Bay Business and look forward to growing together. Here’s to an incredible future!

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