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green health natural remedies

Green health and natural remedies are becoming more and more popular lately. The world seems to be awakening to what is actually good and healthy for the body and what is not. As humans we are ever evolving, becoming more enlightened and figuring out what ‘feels good’ and what not so much.

Green health is growing in popularity

As a child I was taught my body is a temple. Most of us are made aware of this growing up and this teaches us that our bodies are sacred. We need to treat them with respect. Andrew, my partner’s, favourite saying comes to mind when I think of this – “You wouldn’t put low grade fuel into your Ferrari, So why would you put cheap fuel in your body?

Recently I’ve found myself on a more healthier journey. Seeking mind, body and soul harmony.

The physical body is designed to communicate its needs, dislikes and problems through sensory perception. The mind can function at different levels, and it is the thought mechanism that drives our physical body to experience. It works with the brain and the soul and as such determines how the body responds. The soul is the core of our being. We can never experience happiness by suppressing our spirit and our soul. The mind needs to feed the soul – without which life does not exist.

In my search for understanding my body’s behaviour and needs better, I decided to meet with Michelle Campbell Petrelis, dear friend and co-owner of Green Cat Organic Health Products. No-one I know is more knowledgable on the subject of green health and the purpose was to discuss natural products to aid with my all round well being.

Michelle is a green health guru and has been producing and experimenting with natural and organic medication and lifestyle products for close to 15 years. She has been actively involved in the cannabis industry since the mid 90’s.

A Publicist by profession, Michelle is also a qualified master herbalist and has been treating people and animals for over two decades, following a lifelong passion to heal. Along with Michael, Michelle’s husband and co-owner of Green Cat Organic Health Products, the couple are passionate and dedicated about sharing their knowledge.

They spend a lot of time creating products to help others heal and whilst treading as lightly as possible on the planet. They have always vowed to keep their products as affordable and accessible as possible and see it as an honour to dispense God’s medicines.

Michael and Michelle live in St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape, where they are raising 3 boys, a rescue dog called Archie, kitten named Peaches and a black cat called Lunababoona – who is the inspiration and muse behind the brand!

I recently found myself in St Francis Bay for work, and Michelle and I spent some time in their retail store, located in The St Francis Bay Village. Their product knowledge and range is truly remarkable and something to be proud of.

They are definitely making positive and progressive waves within the green health and CBD industries. Obviously I could not leave empty handed as I basically wanted to try everything, I opted for their CBD Growth Shampoo, CBD Growth Conditioner, CBD face oil, CBD Firming eye serum, Pit Paste, their infamous Toothpaste, CBD Pure Oil and a selection of their One a Day Capsule Range consisting of Maca Root, Tumeric & Cayenne Pepper, Plant Collagen, Ashwaganda Roots and Dopa Mucuna.

From my personal perspective, Green Health definitely is for the win. All Green Cat Organic Health products are organic, their oils are 100% natural and contain no harmful chemicals or alcohol. They are also cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Each of you reading this article really need to pop into Green Cat Organic Healing Centre to see their truly remarkable range for yourselves or alternatively go check them out online

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