Single mom spoils at Carley Studios – the facial I did not know I needed…

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An amazing facial at Carley Studios is just what the doctor ordered! As a single mom, it has been ages since I have had some good old fashioned “me time”.

When my business partner mentioned that she had made a booking for me at Carley Studios Beauty Salon for a facial, my first thought was – where am I going to find the time to snatch a few hours out of my day for such a spoil?

My daily schedule consists of juggling my business and daily routine runarounds with what seems to be not enough hours in the day. But with that said, I am really glad that I accepted the gesture.

A little piece of heaven in the form of a facial…

The pamper session was so definitely needed. It ultimately helped restore the feeling of being human again.

Upon arrival at Carley Studios, I was warmly welcomed in reception, and shown to the seated waiting area where I was offered a cuppa coffee,  which I could not have welcomed more.

I nestled in and took in the simple, yet classy and elegant space. This welcoming ambience with its tasteful décor, made me immediately feel right at home. I found myself wanting to know more about who Carley Studios is and what they have to offer.

Carley Studios in Port Elizabeth, is a Slimming, Beauty and Wellness salon, however, they are far more than your every day salon. The Carley Studios team strongly believes that it is vital for everyone to feel beautiful and confident in who they are – because when you feel good – you look good.

Carley Studios have harmoniously brought together Slimming, Beauty and Wellness treatments, which when combined, produce really successful results.

Skin and body health doesn’t need to be complicated. At Carley Studios, their promise is that their non-invasive spa treatments will not only improve the look of your skin and body, but it will also restore it to its healthiest state.

The salon itself offers a tranquil experience in a space where one can sit back and completely relax. My first impression was that the interior layout was well thought-out, creating an environment which makes you feel completely at ease, and knowing that you are in good hands.

The team was exceptionally welcoming…

The team members at Carley Studio are all exceptionally welcoming and they take the time to get to know you, while informing you about what can be expected with your treatment of choice. Lauren, the manager, came to introduce herself and to make sure that I was happy and my experience was satisfactory.

We briefly chatted about the salon and I learned that Carley Studios started trading in November 2018. Their main objective is to be known as a “one stop beauty” salon. They really do pride themselves in giving personal attention to each and every client, as well as meticulous attention to detail.

The main therapist, politely came over once she was ready and escorted me to the treatment room. She explained the facial process to me and with great excitement (to me) the treatment began.

Not only does Carley Studios offer a wide range of spa treatments – from essential beauty treatments, to specialised skin treatments as well as advanced slimming solutions – they also have a varied selection of facial treatments and facial peels.

You will be absolutely astounded at the many benefits that these treatments actually have.

The facial treatments available at Carley Studios, include a Hydrating Facial or Deep Cleanse – you may choose to add any of the following to these two mentioned treatments:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Non-surgical RF Facelift
  • Non-surgical RF Eye-lift
  • LED Phototherapy Mask

They also offer packages.

From start to finish my time at Carley Studios was beyond remarkable. I left the salon feeling absolutely relaxed and my skin completely revitalised and rejuvenated.

To anyone wanting to take better care of themselves, their skin, their health and even to just feel good about yourself – I can highly recommend this incredible all in one salon.

As a single mom, I want to tell all the other single parents out there to remember that taking some time to relax each day can have measurable effects on your health.

We all know that stress is really bad for us. It can lead to headaches, anxiety and even eating disorders. It can also even worsen underlying and existing conditions. Stress triggers the production of the hormone cortisol, which is fine in smaller doses, but in large doses can affect the immune system, increase the risk of mental illness as well as negatively impact bone density.

Relaxation, on the other hand, is so incredibly good for you. Not only does relaxing remove or reduce the ill effects of stress, but it generates positive effects of its own. It’s been known for a quite a while that relaxation can produce a lot of great feel good side effects on the body, including lowered blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and pain, and improved concentration and mood.

Relaxation triggers a genetic response that leads to improved function at a cellular level in the body. Mitochondria, which are the “batteries that power cells,” become more resilient. Insulin production, which controls energy conversion, is boosted. Telomeres, which protect chromosomes (part of DNA), experience an extended lifespan.

It was also found that these changes are more pronounced the longer you practice relaxation techniques, but results become apparent after as little as two months of regular relaxation.

To book your monthly treatment and relaxation session get in touch with Carley Studios, by calling them on 041 367 2860 of send an email to You will also find any information you may need on their website.

For updates and the latest news or specials – follow Carley Studios on Facebook.

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