Think out the box – daycare in times of Covid-19


Everyone has to adapt in these times of Covid-19 – and for daycares it is not any different…

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced drastic change upon everyone, and has caused emotions to run wild – everything ranging from excitement, fear, anxiety, depression and innovation, to just trying to get out of bed in the morning.

My name is Leisel Petrie. I am the owner and principal of Incredible Kids Daycare. We opened our doors in June 2007. We were very happy with what we had managed to achieve over the last few years and the many lives we have had an impact on. Then one day everything as we knew it changed. 

How Incredible Kids Daycare adapted to Covid-19

“We were very happy with what we had managed to achieve over the last few years…”

We were not alone and unfortunately the impact of Covid was huge on many industries. The daycare industry was thrown into turmoil when schools were forced to shutdown. Working parents in essential services were suddenly trying to take care of the sick and at the same time manage their own families.  Our hands were tied and as much as we wanted to help, we were forced into a position that was completely out of our control. 

We were eventually blessed with the news of re-opening and once again had to face many new challenges and changes to “life in the daycare” as we knew it. 

THINK OUT THE BOX – this is something we have all heard a hundred times before, but what does it really mean? Being pushed completely out of my comfort zone and faced with many hard decisions while trying to ensure the safety of both staff and children, the challenge was overwhelming. 

Thanks to support networks like Magnetic Minds, I was able to take some advice on crisis leadership to try and re-build what Covid had broken.  “Communication, Be adaptable, Creativity, Build Trust, Perspective”. All these sound easy until you really have to face the reality of the situation and try to dig deep to keep going.

We are happy to be back and slowly growing once again with families returning. However, many families are faced with many hardships like retrenchments, etc. 

How did we Think Out The Box?

We continue to offer full time daycare which focuses on development and enrichment of the children while learning through play. In addition, from January 2021, “Incredible Kids Clubhouse will offer “Drop-in Childcare” – an alternative to daycare. Working parents and stay-at-home parents alike sometimes find that there are days when a little extra help is needed. This program offers occasional, as-needed care for those who may already have regular childcare, but find themselves needing additional help because of school closings for school holidays, regular provider unavailability or simply when you need some time to yourself or to pop into the office. 

We also offer home cooked meals for take-aways, birthday party venue and hall hire, just to mention a few. 

Incredible Kids Clubhouse will run separately to the daycare. It has its own entrance and premises. Why pay for a whole week if you do not need it. We provide high-quality drop-in childcare at both hourly and weekly rates, so that you can custom design your childcare to fit the needs of your family. We are here if you need two hours a month or eight hours a day.

You can rest assured that our qualified Team will take extra measures to acclimate your child and provide top-quality care throughout the day. We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all. We do not want to scare our children. Hand washing feels like water play, going into situations where they need to wear their masks/bucket hats will make them feel like superheroes, temperature checks are fun ‘beep tests’. It is part of our profession to make serious work feel like play, and we intend to continue doing just that. 

Incredible Kids Daycare is situated in Walmer Downs, Port Elizabeth. To find out more about what we offer you can contact us on +27 (0) 41 367 4372 or email

You can also visit our website at or find us on Facebook.

Article supplied by Leisel Petrie, owner of Incredible Kids Daycare.

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