Tourism – I see you!

I’m Tamlyn – one of the founders and tourism marketing expert of Love My Bay. For those who may not know, I have worked within the marketing and public relations sector for over 19 years, 11 of which I have focused on promoting tourism based products within South Africa even extending into Africa.

Passionate about the Tourism Industry

I have seen first hand the impact that the current worldwide pandemic has on the heartbeat of our beautiful country, and specifically on the tourism industry. I have seen how the livelihoods of those in the tourism industry are suffering, and how the industry have changed as well as how some have tried to adapt.

Because of this, I would like to offer an amazing opportunity to all tourism based businesses. I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity that will help you stop wasting time on marketing that doesn’t work.

Let’s rebuild and grow your business effectively – by attracting guests and clients who are the perfect fit for your offer – and also turn your business’ online presence into a 24/7 lead-generating machine.

Love My Bay offers a result-driven, interactive platform that has become a support hub for tourism, local businesses and the community. We are truly passionate about The Bay and all of the diversity our city has to offer. We absolutely LOVE promoting our area, taking a hands-on approach to grow and build it – and most importantly – showcasing our beloved Bay to the world.

During these trying times within the tourism industry, I have spent many nights lying awake – thinking of ways to assist this amazing industry that I am so dearly passionate about. The tourism industry brings so much to the table – yet has been bled dry and left to “fend for itself”.

Many of the establishments that I have had the pleasure of working with – currently and in the past – has such a personal impact on me. I felt truly called to somehow find a way to assist and support them as much as I could in my own capacity.

While burning the midnight oil on one too many occasions I called in the Love My Bay team to sit together with me and strategize on ways we could improve, assist, support and grow the industry through our services.

The only goal in mind is to find a way to accelerate growth and make the most of our clients’ marketing budgets – no matter how small. We realise that its is tough out there for YOU, tourism industry, we see you, and we are planning to give as much as we can – to make it easier for you.

So, how do we plan to get the BEST exposure for your business? We have developed a very effective marketing strategy – designed exclusively for the tourism industry. Our marketing packages include comprehensive digital marketing targeted directly at your audience via articles, online advertising, on air exposure, brand, website, social media development and management.

Today, as I write this article, I feel super excited. Excited about what I, we, Love My Bay can offer the tourism industry. Excited about what we can do for you. Excited that when I say yes it can be done, it actually can.

In closing, I would like to encourage anyone within the hospitality and tourism industry to reach out to me personally, I would love to help!

Contact me today on 072 389 5728 or email me at 

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