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Weightloss lockdown


Really useful weight loss advise by Jade Walsh, one of South Africans top Show Jumpers. She gained an over-all World Cup Qualifier Win in South Africa as well as being a 2-time South African derby winner. She also holds the record for the youngest rider ever to win the Derby.

At some point in our lives, almost every one of us will experience a longing for self-improvement.

Her active approach to living would see her compete in olympic distance triathlon races and reach the top level of equestrian sport.

Despite the sheer volume of endurance sport she participated in, Jade found herself constantly watching her weight, always seemingly sitting at 5-10kgs above her desired weight loss goal.

No weight loss pills or products…

She tried everything from weight loss pills to weight loss products, and exhausted all possible diet options. Keto, juice detoxes, and even egg fasting didn’t do the trick, at least not long-term.

Then, in a horse-riding accident, Jade’s foot was injured. Between 2010 and 2017 she needed not one, not two, but three surgeries to correct it. After each operation, Jade’s weight would be up by at least 5kgs. Being out of action for months would certainly lead to weight-gain, right?


After her third and final operation, Jade made a choice. She was not going to gain weight again.

Using the time on her back, she cultivated her knowledge. Jade studied the science behind calories, macro and micro-nutrients, good fats and bad fats, as well as the effects of proteins and carbs on the human body.

Although Jade couldn’t exercise physically, she could exercise balance, and with her newfound education, she embarked on her own, original eating plan.

Her own original eating plan…

3 months later, with zero exercise, Jade had not gained a single kilogram. Believe it or not, she had actually lost a few. Jade felt a major sense of accomplishment, and out of her remarkable success, evolved JustLoseIt.

JustLoseIt offers a variety of weight-loss programs that are designed to suit your lifestyle, just like Jade designed hers to. We understand the uniqueness of every individual and their different circumstances, and so begin by setting achievable, realistic goals, and then progressing from there.

The most important lesson that you will walk away from JustLoseIt with is an understanding of what you’re putting into your mouth, guiding you on a sustainable and lasting approach to losing weight and keeping it off forever.

Jade is now 12,5kgs lighter than she was in 2017 and maintains it with ease. She goes out for dinner with friends, drinks wine, and leads a full, happy life.

We asked Jade if she had any tips on how to stay healthy during lockdown. She offered 5:

1. Get educated

Most people concern themselves with the carb and sugar content in food, but aren’t familiar with calories. At 72,5kgs, leading such a healthy lifestyle but not losing weight, I visited a doctor thinking I must be pregnant.

It was not a baby, but rather a lack of knowledge about calories. With the opportunity to read up on subjects being more prevalent than ever, use it to gain a basic understanding of calories. We have some on offer, if you’d like.

2. Get to know yourself

If your weight-loss efforts are present but your results, absent, then be honest with yourself. What you’re doing is not working. Let it go, and find something different to try. Understanding our shortcomings is important in order to overcome them.

3. Break the bad habits

There are so many bad habits that many people aren’t even aware of! I’ll give three examples.

  • Although starting a journey on a specific day might seem proactive, it’s not. It’s a bad habit in a good disguise. What you’re actually doing is procrastinating. There is no time like the present.
  • We can all acknowledge that there are so many healthy alternatives for almost every pick-me-up, meal, or beverage. In order to effect change, what really needs the most work is the breaking of bad habits. Take coffee for example, the industry has made us slaves to the damn thing. Just because it’s socially normal, doesn’t mean we need it every single morning for the rest of our lives! Why not start with a short-term goal of merely cutting down by substituting dairy milk for almond milk? Or having a smaller cup? This can halve the calories!
  • Going for seconds. Wait ten minutes, for your food to settle, and then decide if you’re still hungry. I guarantee you, you won’t be.

I have my own bad habits. I like to have a little feast after a night out! Think burger, chips and milkshake. So yummy, but so unnecessary. Use this time to break these kinds of habits, first.

4. Think “sustainability, consistency, moderation”

Whatever diet or eating plan you’re currently on, ask yourself this, “Can I live like this forever?” Do you allow yourself to have some of the things you enjoy? It’s important that we don’t suck all the nectar from our life in a bid to lose weight!

5. Be smart. Good choices make the world of a difference

If you’re in the mood for desert, chances are you’ll enjoy anything sweet. Pick the frozen yoghurt instead of the ice cream, and if you really feel like ice-cream, go buy a magnum instead of trying to guess how many calories is in your scooped-serving. A magnum’s packaging clearly states 270 calories.

I don’t know what your favourite drink is, but if you’re in the mood for booze, you really don’t need to have 4 G&Ts with normal tonic. Sugar-free tonic tastes really good!


These 5 tips make up the foundation of JustLoseIt. Jade considers JustLoseIt to be more of a lifestyle shift instead of a program, and believes its strength lies in the fact that it was designed for the people, by the people. 

With a team of expert nutritional coaches who have each journeyed their own personal weight-loss, the platform continues to steadily grow since its establishment in 2017. 

Check out the JustLoseIt instagram page at @justloseit_sa or get in touch with Jade herself on +27 82 888 7588.

What have you got to lose? 😉

Photographs from @justloseit_sa on instagram.

Stock Image by Tony Luginsland on Unsplash

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