7 Ways to keep your weight under control during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Back in April, we asked nutrition and weight-loss coach Jade Walsh from JustLoseIt for a few tips on how to keep our health up during the lockdown. We’ve invited her back to share more of her knowledge on the matter with you. And here’s what she has to say;

With the impact of the coronavirus shifting the weight of the world, many people have experienced stress in different areas of their lives.

One of the best ways to manage is stress is with exercise

Exercise is a healthy way of managing stress, but with gyms closing and public restrictions in place, people have been left with few exercise options.

Those who relied on exercise to balance their diets have now been faced with the challenge of either finding creative ways to get their fitness fix or adapting their eating habits to suit their new lockdown-lifestyle.

This is not an easy transition. Even more so when a symptom of stress, or coping mechanism, is overeating. Many people have turned to JustLoseIt for guidance. We gathered a few helpful tips for our clients, but we’ve decided to share them with you;

7 Helpful tips to keep the weight off during lockdown:

  1. Eat slowly, and really chew your food. Try putting your cutlery down between bites and having a sip of water. This keeps you hydrated and allows your body time to register that you’re eating.
  2. Write down what triggers your “comfort eating.” This will help you be aware and take control of these urges the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Prep your meals, especially for work days. Working from home means that there’s usually an abundance of snacks sitting in the pantry. Don’t be caught by surprise, suddenly starving and with no nutritious meals in sight, because then you will open that cupboard.
  4. Stock up on healthy snacks!
  5. Eat dinner in a separate place to where you dished dinner up. This stops you reaching for seconds when you’re actually satisfied.
  6. If you’re someone who binge eats, then wake up and eat. During the day, feed your body with nutritious foods to keep yourself satisfied. If you don’t manage this and go on a binge, don’t starve yourself the following day. Just try to get back on track.
  7. Lastly, stop and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” You can always take 10 minutes to consider it, and if you still feel like you’d like to eat it, then go ahead.

Your lifestyle changed…

Pre-COVID, you’d go out for a meal or grab a takeaway every so often. Now, you’re eating in, you’re not going on holiday, and you’re not meeting with friends. It’s the perfect time to make a few changes to your habits and establish a “new normal.”

To make the biggest change, one must start small. If you carry these simple practices with you through life, your weight weight-loss journey will become just that much lighter and more straight-forward.

These are sustainable habits to build, and you’ll be better off because of them.

Article written by Jade Walsh, Founder and Nutritional Coach at JustLoseIt

Check out the JustLoseIt instagram page at @justloseit_sa or get in touch with Jade herself on +27 82 888 7588.

What have you got to lose? 😉

Jade considers JustLoseIt to be more of a lifestyle shift instead of a program, and believes its strength lies in the fact that it was designed for the people, by the people. With a team of expert nutritional coaches who have each journeyed their own personal weight-loss, the platform continues to steadily grow since its establishment in 2017. 

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