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Boost By Stap – Personal Training Studio – will help you boost your new year’s fitness resolutions.

A new year always awakens something in me. Maybe its the whole idea of a fresh start, a whole entire year to do something absolutely amazing. 

Maybe learn something new, start really working on your life goals and of course getting your health and fitness on track. Like many women as we age, certain aspects of our bodies begin to change but here is some truth for your ears – no matter your age, weight, current health status or fitness level – you can start at any time. 

All you need to do is take the first step. I have so many friends who are in their forties who are in the best shape they have ever being in their entire lives. Both mentally and physically. 

Age really is just a number. For most, turning forty can be a scary. As I am on the brink of forty myself this health journey has become a very intricate part of my thought process as well as life.

With this all being said, I made contact with Caileigh Goddard, owner and head trainer at Boost By Stap – Personal Training Studio. Some years back I got into boxing and MMA and absolutely loved it. 

Luckily Caileigh offers Boxfit as one of their many classes at this truly remarkable gym. 

BoxFit is a full body workout that’s guaranteed to get the heart pumping. The explosive movements required in these classes work the body aerobically whilst also toning, building muscle and assisting with weight loss. BoxFit follows the methods employed in boxing as closely as possible whilst ensuring the maximum amount of safety and exercise benefit you as a Boost member.

This cardio workout is based on the training used for boxing focusing on toning and fitness. It can include skipping, boxing drills and bodyweight exercises that incorporate footwork and abdominal movements. 

The idea behind BoxFit was to take the training techniques and routines used by boxers to get them into peak physical condition and use them to 

help those outside the boxing world improve their fitness levels. BoxFit is non-competitive, unlike the actual sport of boxing. It is also worth noting that BoxFit includes all the different types of boxing training apart from sparring. 

In a BoxFit class, you might get to throw punches, but it’ll be at pads, not people!

Joining Boost By Stap – Private Training Studio so far as being life changing in so many aspects of my life. Personally I have noticed two main draw cards of boxing fitness. 

Firstly the sheer calorie expenditure per second. Think of fighting fit boxers are that lean and mean for a reason. Then, aside from getting you enviably honed and toned, boxing fitness is great for your mental wellbeing too. 

My mindset, life outlook and feel good vibes are in full swing. Even if you’re not feeling particularly stressed, the discipline and rhythm of the training takes you to a really good place mentally. 

My thoughts is the rhythm possibly becomes part of a meditation – your mind clears and your find your focus and inner zen. You are 100% present in that class and man does it feel absolutely incredible!

What are the advantages of BoxFit class for general fitness training?

  • It is incredibly fun!
  • It is a great stress buster
  • It is a full body work out in only 45 minutes
  • It develops skills including hand-eye coordination, balance, timing and technique
  • It works all major muscle groups
  • It enhances range of movement, when technique is performed correctly
  • It is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

Boost By Stap is a ladies only private training studio that offers a variety of different classes!

Reach out to Caileigh, she is amazing at what she does and can help you reach your fitness goals.

You can contact her on 082 643 6742 or find our more online

Boost by Stap is  located at 189 Main Road, Walmer, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth)

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