Exercise! The Top 10 Benefits of Getting and Staying Fit

Exercise - Woman in Gym

This article is all about one of my favourite topics – EXERCISE.

Now you don’t have to be an exercise and fitness junkie like me to enjoy getting your fit on. There are many ways of engaging in physical activity that you can both enjoy and benefit from.

So what indeed would be deemed exercise for purposes of getting and staying fit? Well, exercise is literally defined as any activity or movement that makes your muscles work, gets your heart rate up and requires your body to burn calories.

You don’t have to be an exercise or fitness junkie to enjoy getting your fit on

This can be walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing or something more intense such as the high intensity interval training we do at Iron Angels. This is our preferred form of exercise as it combines cardio, strength training, agility, flexibility, mobility and explosive exercise to keep your body guessing as to what is coming next and it burns heaps of calories and body fat.

It is widely recommended that the minimum requirement for general fitness is around 150 intensity minutes per week which translates into three to four exercise sessions or workouts. If however you are completely new to exercising regularly I would suggest you ease into your fitness training until you are fitter and stronger. We always aim to build your body, strength and cardiovascular fitness up and not break it down or possibly get injured by doing too much too soon.

Getting and staying fit has a myriad of excellent health benefits, both physically and mentally and can help you live longer and with better health. What is the point of longevity if you have no quality of life?

What is the point of longevity if you have no quality of life?

That said; let’s have a look at the top ten health benefits of exercise for your body and your brain:

  1. Exercise makes you feel happier as it releases endorphins – your brain’s happy hormone, and is excellent if you are prone to depression and anxiety.
  2. It is good for your muscles and bones and makes both stronger, especially your weight bearing exercises as they are renowned for building bone mass.
  3. It makes your body stronger and builds immunity that fights off viruses (yes even covid!) and reduces your risk of chronic disease.
  4. It assists with brain health and better memory as being physically fit improves your cognitive functions.
  5. It reduces pain and inflammation in the body due to increased blood flow and increased oxygen levels.
  6. It helps with weight loss as it builds lean muscle and burns body fat and you are less inclined to eat unhealthy while on an exercise program.
  7. It definitely increases your energy levels and puts a spring in your step, try it, you will love it.
  8. Your skin health, appearance and elasticity improve which is great news for us ladies specifically.
  9. It relaxes you and helps your sleep better, and I’ve actually had many reports from my clients confirming this.
  10. And this is a really good one ladies… It promotes a better intimate life… yes ladies… think “sexercise”! As you become fitter and stronger the muscles inside your vaginal wall gets stronger as well resulting in better and more intense orgasms. So get out there and start exercising! 

Everyone has to start somewhere…

In summary, exercise is vital to our health and vitality and everyone has to start somewhere. The key is to simply start. Whether it is a simple walk, or Crossfit, or swimming, or dancing – but get moving and do it today!

You will never regret getting fit, strong and healthy, it is a gift you give yourself that keeps on giving.

This article was written by Sharon Jessop, Owner of Iron Angels

For more information you can contact her on 061 510 4657

Facebook: Iron Angels ZA | Instagram: Iron Angels ZA | Website: www.ironangels.co.za 

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