Get your holiday nails on at Sassy Hair and Beauty Salon

At Sassy Hair and Beauty Salon, based in Port Elizabeth, you can expect to find any and all forms of beauty treatments. Their talented beauty therapists, stylists and nail technicians are the best in PE by far!

Elize Bauer is another great catch for Sassy Hair and Beauty Salon! Iggy and Wayne, the owners of Sassy’s, know exactly where to find them.

Sassy’s Elize Bauer is an amazing nail tech! She is a master at all things nails. From acrylic sculpture to fine detailed nail art, she can do it all!

Every visit to Sassy Hair and Beauty Salon just keeps getting better and better. The beauty salon has the most relaxing and welcoming feel to it. My absolute favourite place to relax!

Elize is everything you want your nail technician to be. She is a spontaneous and outgoing woman. She is never afraid to take on a challenge. A funky and outgoing nail set is Elize’s’ forte. Not to mention, she is also very hygienic and focused on the experience of her client. 

What more could you want from your nail tech?

Picture this, a pamper with a cup of coffee at Sassy’s after a long day of working. Sounds like heaven to me! 

Especially seeing as Elize makes the experience pleasant and completely painless.

With Elize, you are free to have a quiet and relaxing experience at Sassy’s while she tackles your nails, or you can have a lovely chat. Best of both worlds!

She loves to pay individual attention to people, as well as to each piece of nail art. There’s nothing better than knowing your nail tech is both artistic and a bit of a perfectionist!

The talented nail artist obtained her first qualification in 2004 from The Nail House and a year later she did a conversion course to NSI, Nail System International. A few years later, in 2010, she obtained her educators through one of NSI’s amazing mentors, Katia da Silva. 

To provide you guys with a bit of insight on what NSI is, here are a bit of facts.

The NSI manufactures monomers, polymers and other enhancement products used in the professional nail industry, all of high quality. 

This family owned and operated company started in the 1950’s and has been the pioneer in nails technologies ever since. The first non-yellowing, cross linked formulations were developed and invented by the NSI chemists and are used in all systems of traditional acrylic to this day. 

Fiberglass-reinforced polymers, light activated liquids and powder acrylics, UV cured gels as well as polish sealants activated by air and heat was first introduced by the NSI pioneers. The true professionals!

This product, used by Elize is definitely the best quality product I’ve ever experienced! 

You can trust both Elize and NSI with your cuticle care. You will definitely be in good hands!

With Elize and NSI, Sassy’s nail slots are filling up faster than Elize filling in your regrowth!

She is excited to see which creative acrylic nail sets her clients have chosen for the holiday season.

So, ladies if a Sassy nail set is something you are looking for this holiday, Elize has got you covered! You can find the talented and Sassy Elize Bauer at 58 Main Road Walmer in Port Elizabeth. Head to Sassy’s for your nail spoil, they never disappoint!

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