Growing in leaps and bounds – Windsor Forest Products welcomes Brett Thomas to the team!

Windsor Forest Products are super excited to announce that Brett Thomas recently joined their fantastic team.

Windsor Forest Products is Port Elizabeth’s most comprehensive supplier of outdoor timber products. 

They have taken great pride in caring for their loyal clients in the Eastern Cape since 1995. Their product range covers jungle gyms and children’s play structures, assorted timber fences, decks, pergolas and benches. 

Windsor Forest Products is also able to create customised products

Windsor Forest Products is also able to create customised products based on your specifications and the available space. They provide professional installation of all of their products and take pride in the quality of all of their work.

Recently Windsor welcomed Brett Thomas to the Team as Manager. Brett has a BSc in Construction Management and comes with a wealth of knowledge within the industry. Brett is also a waterproofing specialist with 14yrs experience. 

He was a board member with the Roofing and Waterproofing Institute and obtained his Green Star accreditation through the GBCSA. Windsor is proud to announce that they have added  waterproofing to their services.

We asked Brett a few questions. Here’s what he had to say.

What motivates you?

Brett: Making people happy. Creating or fixing something that has value toa person really motivates me.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

Brett: I absolutely love woodworking. The physical aspects of this job. The positive energy of the staff and management create a wonderful work environment.

What is your motto for life?

Brett: Everything happens for a reason.

What makes Windsor Forest Products super cool?

Brett: You will not find a more experienced company and team in SA when it comes to this industry.

Windsor’s Motto is – Create a Space you Love with the Warmth of Timber!

This dynamic team is ready to help you to reimagine your outdoor living spaces with beautifully crafted timber, custom made to suit your home. 

For waterproofing (newly added service) and all things timber related chat to the Windsor team.

☎️ 041 367 1422



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